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May 22, 2020


November 15, 2019


May 10, 2019


“I’m twenty-two, of course I love to party,” Nick Karcher reflects when speaking of his new single, I Hate Parties, slated for release on May 22, 2020. Despite the title of the yearning mid-tempo track, the Chicago native admits his feelings go deeper than being fed up with crowded spaces and hangovers. “It was just after so many nights I couldn’t remember and so many times I was looking for another way, another substance, to evade how I was feeling; I knew it was time to address the things that were really hurting me and that’s what this single is.”

Over a gritty electric guitar that calls back to the sound that ruled the airwaves of the early aughts, the track follows Karcher through a night he’s had one too many times. “I can’t feel my face / Up for two whole days,” he croons at the start of the hook. “Song writing is my art first and foremost and I really wanted the hook to draw the picture and allow the verses to paint it,” he says. “What happens when you wake up? / When you’re coming down,” begins the first verse over a heavy drum line and airy synth.

“So many people my age, including myself, lack communication skills and instead of facing our demons we turn to things like drinking and partying to kind of escape ourselves,” Karcher confesses, “but when we wake up, all those problems are still there and that facade we created the night prior, even though it was super fucking fun, is gone. And now you have all those problems plus a headache.”

Even given the heavy subject matter, Karcher managed nothing short of a flash lights up, windows down anthem for those making their way though their early twenty’s. Boasted by beautiful harmonies, backing vocals drenched in reverb and a sing-along hook reminiscent of Max Martin’s strongest work, I Hate Parties reminds you of everything you love about a hangover.

With over thirty thousand streams across all platforms, Nick Karcher is making his way as one of pop music’s most sought new acts. While his husky vocals and distorted guitars set him lanes apart from the urban infused musical landscape of 2020, his powerful top line melodies and soulful lyrics place him at the top alongside the best of the best.

Set for release via all major streaming platforms on May 22, 2020, I Hate Parties was written by Nick Karcher and produced by Matt Dougherty (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down).


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