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May 22, 2020


November 15, 2019


May 10, 2019


Nick Karcher’s latest single, Satellites, set for release on December 4th, 2020, delves deep into the Chicago native’s struggles with partying, anxiety, and nostalgia. “I was quite literally bouncing off the walls,” Karcher says in reference to the opening line of the song, “I was laying on an air mattress, heavily under the influence, and my thoughts were everywhere; it was like my thoughts had thoughts.”

The self-penned track that opens with a rich, wavy synth crescendos into an alternative pop daydream - or nightmare. “Childhood trauma is one of those things people don’t really like to talk about, and I was finding that the parties and substances that used to take those feelings away now made them more prevalent,” admits the singer. With Karcher’s teenage years ridden by the aftermath of his parents’ divorce and the side effects of his brother’s drug addiction, he found himself staring at the ceiling in a wormhole of memories of better days.

“Everything fades from gold / We get used to what we know, ” Karcher wails at the start of the booming chorus. Backed by layers of harmonies, synthesizers and distortion, Karcher says he wanted the chorus to feel full because he felt alone. “I’ve run out of hands to hold,” he cries as the effects lighten, allowing us to hear a slight shake in his voice. “I’m a perfectionist so I really didn’t like that vocal,” he admits, “but I walked out of the booth and my engineer literally tipped his hat and said, ‘Thank you for letting me hear that’.” Vulnerability doesn’t come easy for the twenty-three year old (who credits that to his Cancer sun) but he reveals the later takes never captured the emotion quite the same.

Produced by frequent collaborator Matt Dougherty (We Are the In Crowd, Disturbed), Satellites walks a fine line between rock and pop, often dancing between the two in a rhythm Karcher has seemed to mastered. If Karcher’s own I Hate Parties was the night out, Satellites is the Uber ride home.

Nick Karcher is Chicago’s hottest up-and-coming pop act who has amassed over thirty thousand streams across all platforms and received international media coverage from outlets such as PopCrave and iHeartRadio. With sharp hooks that cut deeper than your typical radio fare paired sleek production, he’s carving himself a HOV lane in this generations musical landscape.

Set for release via all major streaming platforms on December 4, 2020, Satellites was written by Nick Karcher and produced by Matt Dougherty.


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